We All Fall Down

To he who is given much, much is expected! Even if we trip, stumble or fall, our lord WILL be there with us through it all! WILL BE THERE! Defender of the faith! Its never to late to get back up again, Stand! Rise! Stand up throw your hands in the air and scream, Im Alive!!! Reach for God, Stand tall against the pain and press forward through the Rain!!!

Pick it up, understand, correct the action, Brush and Walk it off!

!!!!! It’s easy to see the mistakes on someone else’s paper. But I’m here to tell you…We ARE ALL UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! and that Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted event counts! We dont know why things sometimes happen the way they do!

I stopped waking up in the mornings making GOD laugh!, taking about…what MY plans are, what IM going to do today, what I want today…Its his plan….

Can the perfect person please stand up!!!

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