Copyright June 2004 by
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis

Though you’re dancing to a different tune,
I do not love you any less,
How could I forsake my child,
Through whom I’ve been so blest

I don’t pretend to understand,
The things I wish I could,
Did I do something very wrong,
Or not do what I should?

Counselors say don’t blame yourself,
And they are right, of course,
But I search for answers everywhere,
I want to know the source

Then in my deepest contemplation
Enlightenment occurs,
It’s not about myself at all,
The struggle’s really yours

I don’t need to understand,
And I guess I shouldn’t probe,
Reasons will not solve a thing,
Or make you choose another road

My job is to support and love,
And that’s something I can do,
A mother’s love can’t be undone,
It’s unconditional and true

Most of all, I want you happy,
Which once was such an easy thing,
But now you must find it on your own,
And reap whatever it will bring

Baby, if your heart gets broken,
Because your choice is wrong,
I’ll be there to help you mend it,
Just as I have been, all along

Guilt, I’ll not lay on you,
I will abide by your decision,
And I’ll respect the choice you make,
Without any opposition

With all my heart, I love you, honey,
I’ll never leave you all alone,
Even when the Lord sees fit,
To take your poor old mother home

So smile, baby, life’s hard enough,
Grab whatever joy you can,
And always know your mama loves you,
Though she may never understand

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