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Seek Ye 1st!

 Ok Family, here we go, stay with me here… Just remember… The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!!! Evangelize? Yes, absolutely!! Let others know how the Lord has saved you? YES!! Without a doubt! However, don’t over-pressure; most will find the Lord the same way you did… on bended knees, arms lifted, […]

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Reprogramming the negative mind to be fearless and confident!!

Good things are coming down the road! You have to be confident enough to live and fearless enough to JUST KEEP WALKING! You will get there! Good day all, this sermon is about how to reprogram negative thoughts and turn them into inspiration! Most are not aware of their subconscious thoughts throughout the day. The […]

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What’s in your Closet – When darkness knows your secrets.

   We all have stories we don’t want told…however..When darkness knows it owns your secrets, it’s seeks to keep a choke hold on your life and existence! Own your truth! Be free and fight towards the Light! Let no unclean thing keep you from living in God’s forgiving, loving and merciful Light!  What’s in your […]

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