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Beyond our faults

If God looks beyond our faults and still provides what we need, how can we not forgive each other…. For anyone who has ever wronged me….silently hating, Sabotage, word smithing my good name…it’s okay, I truly forgive you. Let’s move forward. For anyone I’ve wronged, especially unknowingly, Please let me know so that I can […]

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The enemy is not always outside! Self sabotage!!

Sometimes the enemy is in the mirror! Existence and contentment is not life!  You must find your own space and place to be happy and smile again! Age has nothing to do with it either. You are just as entitled to happiness as anyone else! You are worthy and beautiful! God 1st! Check in with […]

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Self Worth / Self Esteem!

Self-Worth & Depreciation Ok, family, lets get right into this…Self-esteem, Self-worth…..is frequently based on our feelings of worth in terms of our skills, achievements, status, financial resources, girl-friend, boy-friend…Hello! or physical attributes. This kind of self-esteem or self-worth often cultivates an independent and arrogant attitude…….Feel me on this… When we find ourselves not measuring up […]

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