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Beyond our faults

If God looks beyond our faults and still provides what we need, how can we not forgive each other…. For anyone who has ever wronged me….silently hating, Sabotage, word smithing my good name…it’s okay, I truly forgive you. Let’s move forward. For anyone I’ve wronged, especially unknowingly, Please let me know so that I can […]

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You can Do it! Press Forward! Stand Strong!

Ok, let’s get right to it….Don’t allow your pride to catch your death, but DON’T sacrifice your self-respect anymore!!! Look evil in the face and say “STOP!…NEVER will I surrender to you!” …and MEAN IT! Stand tall with confidence, knowing that even if you can’t see clearly, even if your body hurts, even if you […]

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Trust His Plan and Press Forward!

Ok, here we go…Remember that sometimes, not getting what you want is a wonderful blessing!!! You know! 🙂 You may have dodged a bullet or two through God’s grace. Understanding that, don’t cry over the past, it’s gone, not coming back, vanished…forgiveness is for you! Push forward, move ahead and go for your dreams…we only […]

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