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Beyond our faults

If God looks beyond our faults and still provides what we need, how can we not forgive each other…. For anyone who has ever wronged me….silently hating, Sabotage, word smithing my good name…it’s okay, I truly forgive you. Let’s move forward. For anyone I’ve wronged, especially unknowingly, Please let me know so that I can […]

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Just make it happen! Today! 

   You know…as so many have said…”It’s never the right time to do a great thing!” Well, If you are sitting back waiting for that right, perfect and on – time moment…Hey…IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!  You..yes YOU have to create that perfect time! That moment of execution, Being who you dream to be or […]

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Happy Mother’s Day all! Stand up! Hug your mother and say, thank you for loving me! Thank you, for teaching me, thank you for spending time with me! Thank you, for mentoring me…thank you, for protecting me, and thank you, for loving me… Happy Mother’s day!!! Praise God…. Let us open in prayer!….Father, Guard those […]

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