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No more shadow chasing

People tend to be blind to the things that happen to other people. It’s easy to chase your shadow; unfortunately, it keeps you looking down! With light comes reflection, with reflection comes inspection, and thorough inspection, you realize you can look to the sky with a burning Eye with clear objectives and an enlightened perspective.  “By […]

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Love: God 1st…It’s the internal not the external

   It’s so easy to fall in love with the idea of a person, their job, what they have, how they look and not so much who they really are. Yes, some of these can play a part in your attraction…You might love the fact that he/she makes a lot of money, nice home/car or […]

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Is there a God?

Ok, family, Rev. Poe here to help you understand is there a God and if there is (There is), Why become a Christian ? Ok, here we go, everyone ok? Great….Now, this is a matter of personal choice. You have to want to be one. Here are some reasons: 1) God promises an eternal life […]

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