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Beyond our faults

If God looks beyond our faults and still provides what we need, how can we not forgive each other…. For anyone who has ever wronged me….silently hating, Sabotage, word smithing my good name…it’s okay, I truly forgive you. Let’s move forward. For anyone I’ve wronged, especially unknowingly, Please let me know so that I can […]

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You GOT This!!!

Hey….Hey! Listen! You got this!!!! Just wake up! Stretch up!! Pray up!, Stand Tall and most importantly …Continue to breathe! Never give up! Make ’em take it; don’t self sabotage and just give it away! Deep breaths! Push forward, just breathe! It will work out!!!  You are NOT alone! Don’t believe it! Those footprints in […]

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Confidence!! Hit it!

Hey All, Glory be to God, Ive Been thinking on a few things to support positive thinking and it occurred to me that Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet so many people struggle to find it in themselves. Sadly, this can be a hurtful and destructive circle: People who […]

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