Spiritually Exhausted?

Spritually Exhausted or Sleep: Rev. Dr. Gerald F. Poe, Jr.

Are you feeling spiritually exhausted or sleep? Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions in life without any real direction or purpose, church hurt? If this is the case, you may be spiritually exhausted or sleeping. This is a phenomenon that affects many people in our communities, church, and the modern world, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Help me a little here! It doesn’t have to be this way…You can awaken your spirit and re-energize your life by cultivating a deeper connection to yourself and the divine Father! This can be done through activities such as self-love 1st, meditation, introspection, yoga, rest, mandated relaxation, exercise, and of course earnest prayer. By doing this, you can reignite your passion and find a new purpose in life, one that will bring you joy, fulfillment, and happiness. Most importantly it will help in reigniting a fervency and zeal for our Father who has proven his position in your life with expressions of love, kindness, love, comforts, forgiveness, and salvation NO Other can complement! You with me here, Ok, Let’s get into it together!💪🏾😀

When spiritual exhausted or sleeping, it can be difficult to recognize and wake up from it. It is a state of being apathetic towards God, where we lose sight of the importance of God in our lives and ignore the spiritual guidance He provides.

It is imperative for people to recognize the signs of spiritual exhaustion or sleep, for example, losing the desire to pray, feeling distant from God, or feeling bored and apathetic in the church. This is all symptomatic of the spiritual sleep that many people are experiencing. For us to be able to wake up from our spiritual sleep, for example, we may need to gain insight into our spiritual sleep. This will enable us to work on waking up from it, no longer exhausted but rejuvenated!

Here we go, stay with me hereTaking the first step to repent is to come before God in humility and honesty in a sincere manner. In addition to asking for forgiveness for any sinful patterns that have kept us in spiritual sleep, we should be sure to ask for forgiveness from God. Stay with me…Also, it is imperative to take the time to intentionally create spiritual habits, such as daily prayer, Bible study, devotionals, and quiet time with God in our lives. Additionally, it is also critical that we surround ourselves with people who are encouraging, uplifting, on fire for the father, and who will help us stay connected to azz Him! Here we are…

Exhalation or confession is the first step.

  • Confession of sin to God, including a specific acknowledgment of the sin.
  • Understanding, It is our agreement with God that He will provide for our sins. As stated in 1 John 1:9, He promises to forgive us and cleanse us completely despite our faults.
  • Taking responsibility for my sin and repenting.

The power of the Holy Spirit is derived from inhaling and appropriating it. Stay with me here

  • I trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to empower you. It is amazing how God guides us when we maintain this fellowship with Him.
  • The key is to depend on Him and surrender your will to Him. In Ephesians 5:18, it is stated that “I should be filled with the Spirit and allow it to influence my life!” Come on somebody! Help me a little here! 😀 Read that again!

Throughout our lives as Christians, we are accompanied by the Holy Spirit. So, asking God to fill us with His Spirit is more of a yielding to Him than a request on our part.

You can thank Him for empowering you, even if you don’t feel different after your prayer, because 1 John 5:14, 15: “This is the confidence that we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have invited from Him.” Let’s go! 😀

In learning to walk in the power of the Spirit, remember, it takes time, and it will. But stay focused, stay the course, keep an open mind, and heart, and allow his love to overflow into your soul, re-igniting that flame of enthusiasm and hope, then standing taller than ever wearing his armor and shield, unscathed in these worldly battles, knowing they are already won on your behalf, knowing he can be trusted and knowing you are going to win!!! 💪🏾by God! So Pray! It is again necessary that you pray for yourself! You’ve prayed for so many others, it’s now time to pray for you.

Prayer is an essential part of spiritual awakening. When we pray, it allows us to connect with the Lord and to receive His guidance. We can ask Him to help us remember that He is alive in us and that He will lead us as we learn to walk in the power of the Spirit again.

“Much like gasoline is required to move the engine, Prayer is essential for the healing of the soul!” gp2

Prayer also gives us confidence in Him and reminds us that He hears our prayers. It takes time for spiritual transformation, but prayer can help speed up this process. Therefore, it is important to take time each day to pray for a spiritual awakening so that you can be closer with God and live a life filled with purpose.😀

Finally, we should be sure to fill our days with activities that help us grow spiritually, such as going to church, serving others, or participating in a Bible study. All of these activities combined will help us be no longer exhausted, stay spiritually awake, and connected to our Father God.😀

Lets us pray together…

Wake us up Father! Forgive us for drifting away from you Lord, and for being taken in by all the worldliness this world has to offer, and for allowing other people, places, and things to become more important in our lives than you. We bring you our dark places where we’re hurting, the broken pieces that maybe others can’t see, hear, and touched and hurt, but you alone Father are able! ABLE to fully understand, mend, HEAL, CURE and LOVE on US! You alone Father are able to reconcile those broken spaces within us! You know the pain we’ve carried, all the burdens and cares that have taken our strength, we call on you Father to bring us from slumber, sleep and exhaustion in our lives and wird to that place you have preoarednus for the purpose! You know where we still need to be set free of these worldly vessels. We pray for your healing and power to cover every broken place, and to renew our hearts in you again.

We need you now more than ever before Father. Our times are in your hands. We love you Lord.

In Jesus’ Name,

Amen…Amen and All Gods people say Amen!😀

Alright! You made it! Keep living, keep pressing forward, Not in man’s prescription, but in the way God is telling you and whispering into your spirit! Rejoice in his kindness, goodness, and understanding! Yes, Lord! Know that God is good, for you, and empowers you always! Keep seeking His presence.

Have a wonderful Sunday and an outstanding week! Take all things to God in prayer! Powerful you are and know that you are going to win!!💪🏾😀👍🏾

Stand Tall!

Rev. Dr. Gerald F. Poe, Jr. PM

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A Direct Action Motivational and Missions Based Ministry serving God's people where so ever dispersed!! Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.

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