Together we can.

Ok…here we go… Sometimes you have to just acknowledge what history, evidence, and its literature proves it to be…🤔 If it suits you, press forward! If not, ALL can be changed, altered, and added to with your actions today! Sometimes it takes research, not feelings, actions not re-action and running and not walking! You can not trade respect for attention nor believe there are not good people in this world just because you are surrounded by fools! 😉 Let’s NOT give up on each other! Racism and ignorance go both ways, but do NOT exist in a blood transfusion!! A dieing man will want a helping hand and will care less about what color it is but more of the care it gives!!! We can be pro whatever lives matter but we best learn to do better together! Sometimes we have to admit when and where we have failed and acknowledge that we are often unloving, irritable, angry, and resentful with those closest to us and each other…The Good News is and means we can stop lying to ourselves. We are NOT perfect! Can’t be, nor does God expect us to be! Perfection of character is NOT of this world! Yet…..we should strive for it!;-) Family, Friends…God not only loves you as you are, but also knows you as you are!Because of this you don’t need to apply spiritual cosmetics to make yourself presentable to Him! BUT, we must have an earnest attempt to act in his likeness….love, patience, respect, forgiveness and kindness… isn’t that what He shows all us sinners……… less we show each other? Please..Listen…dont panic, let’s organize, allow for open minded conversation and understanding on ALL levels….. We have to pull up minds, in order to make them pull up their pants!!! 🤔🤔 Its starts with us! Every new day! Each 1 Teach 1! We got this! So, no more worries! Worrying will not make tomorrows issues go away BUT it WILL steal todays joy! No more fighting and dieing over man made titles, and labels….trust this….our salvation lies in understanding each other, mutual respect and unity….we can either fight the real enemy together, or die alone apart. I choose YOU and life, for with each day of life together, ALL things are possible!!;-) So I leave you with this…Hey, the sun is up, a new day begins and with it, new opportunities!!! Much love, respect and energy to you all today and have an outstanding, prosperous, spirituality filled, soul energized, empowered and impactful positive week!!! Stand Tall in all you do, knowing you are going to Win and that God love YOU! Powerful you are! Believe it! Nothing stands bigger than our God whom loves us!

About Defender of the Faith

A Direct Action Motivational and Missions Based Ministry serving God's people where so ever dispersed!! Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.

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