A Friends Prayer

My Friends, This Prayer is for you…

Father in Heaven, most good and gracious Lord, I pray strength, happiness and peace to all my friends assembled and wheresoever dispersed, that they strive to be everything that you’ve destined them to be, yet never be a copy of any other! I pray that my friends realize their own unique qualities that make them outstanding and special, that when they wake up each morning, that both feet hit the floor, that they feel strong, and their eyes open to the wonders and beauties of the new day! I pray that they realize how truly blessed they are, and reach out to the less fortunate, understanding that by giving they learn the joy of receiving; that they let go of the sadness and burned ashes of the past and remember the good moments and dream with excitement for the future! That they learn to accept life as it is, even with it’s disappointments, knowing that life is meant to be enjoyed at all times, endured and never ever taking one second for granted. And I pray father God that You will be aware at all times of their needs, wants and comforts and that they realize that they are special among all special persons and just do the very best they can each day to please themselves, their families and indiscriminately but more especially You Father! 

Empower them Father God, keep them safe Father God, show and let them feel love Father God, keep them through understanding with discernment Father God in knowing that you are with them at all times, through all things, seen and unseen you are by their side! Allow them to stand tall, be recognized, put light before the darkness and rise! 

In this world full of sin allow them repentance, peace of mind and the freedom to live again! Perfection of character is not of this world yet it is true that You’re the Father; you allow us to strive for it and seek Your face in all we do to ensure we stay in oneness with You. 

Thank you Father for the protection and direction! 

Isaiah 54:17 – no weapon formed against us shall prosper


About Defender of the Faith

A Direct Action Motivational and Missions Based Ministry serving God's people where so ever dispersed!! Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.

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