Ok…you ready….here we go… 😉 We as a community, as a people and as a nation have to stop being distracted by wondering what’s in the future and held up by what haunts us in the past! We have got to stop looking back, for we are not going in that direction anymore, WE ARE PRESSING FORWARD! If you know better, be better, do better! Stand up, step up, pray up and live in the NOW! If necessary… Correct your actions NOW, participate in your community NOW, Discover your greatness NOW! Stop putting up with shenanigans and such (foreign, domestic, civil or political) NOW! Be strong enough to make change when change is necessary! Be a strong advocate for raising your children and for others raising theirs…NOW! (It truly takes a God fearing, supervised village) Teach our young folks how to SURVIVE and ACT! (at school, at home, in college, in the streets and especially from those so called “friends” who have the nerve to be upset by Zimmerman and foul “authority figures”…yet sensationalize the beatings, rapes and killings of countless other young people AND encouraging choking and burning themselves up…THEN posting it on world-star, twitter or Facebook with joy and excitement!!!!!…) WE MUST ACT NOW! If you survived it….STOP HOLDING THE SECRETS AND COMMUNICATE WITH THEM SO THEY SURVIVE…

Sure, it’s tough at times, but we must continue to stretch forth our hands and learn to respect, love and cherish each other! We are all we have! God has given us the greatest gifts in Life, His son and our Mother Earth… Yet at times we treat them all with such disregard, inconsistency and ignorance. WE MUST Stand tall and stand strong for what is right…NOT BLACK…NOT BROWN…NOT WHITE…RIGHT!, forgive OURSELVES, forgive others… Have respect from whence we came, grow, succeed and if necessary (in military fashion) bleed together in defense of our nation, OUR FAMILIES and what we believe! AGAIN, we must let go of the dark ashes of the burnt past and let the beauty, patience, promise and light of God prosper, heal and brighten our future! Hear me…Don’t be so distracted in trying to figure out what that future is…JUST TRUST IN HIM, use Him as your compass, guide and armor…just be still, listen and answer the mail as sent!

So…Smile more often, laugh more often, because happiness is a choice! Be glad in it, work out physically and mentally and most importantly…..start it NOW! ….. NO MORE PROCRASTINATION! Looking for change?…ok…change it now! Yesterday is GONE….G O N E! Stop living in it!!! Tomorrow is NOT PROMISED…but today……my God, my God…today is real!!…hug yourself, hug your kids, hug your parents, hug your friends, call them up, talk with them, teach, love and respect them….do it…….For God’s Sake… do it Now:)

Remember…No weapon formed against you shall prosper! So..Stop fighting for the un-materialized future and purposely reliving the incompleteness of an un-educated, un-matured, reckless and un-protected past….for you indeed have survived and have written a brand new chapter today…look seriously at what is written, and if you haven’t already…make the changes necessary… just start it NOW 😉 A turtle never makes progress until it sticks its neck out. Remember an eagle will never know it is an eagle if it lives too long amongst pigeons. Educate to elevate, communicate to motivate, and teach that eagle how to fly again!

Continued love, respect and Blessings to all of you! Powerful you are!!! Believe it! 🙂

We are our brothers’ keepers.

Rev. S…K…Gerald F. Poe Jr., PM, 32°

CC: Rev Brewer.

About Defender of the Faith

A Direct Action Motivational and Missions Based Ministry serving God's people where so ever dispersed!! Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.

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