Visionary High-Jacking!! DONT ALLOW IT!


It’s your vision….claim it, grow to it then do it! Don’t allow your vision from God, which HE set in place in your mind and heart, to be highjacked by laziness, complacency and passing the buck…He called YOU to it, now you Must Do It!

Ok…here we go…I understand that growth is painful. It truly means facing the truth about yourself…that can be scary and eye opening…When your vision is your passion you must begin submitting to God and trusting that He knows what He is doing because a vision without faith is just an idea….

When you feel life is unfair, ask God to speak to you … to remind you that He is with you and that He has everything under control. To accomplish your vision it will take courage to believe, wisdom to contrive and faith to begin. Take the first step!!! Even a turtle…so careful and true…will never make progress until it sticks it’s neck out of its shell and takes a step… Who better to walk with you than He who would carry you if you fall. When God calls you to your vision, the quest is foretold, you just have to trust in Him…stand up, step up and YOU get to work!!! YOU…not put him or them to work ….YOU get to it.

Now hear me….and don’t make this mistake so many make…I’ve made it myself….so truly hear me….

God didn’t call you to be a general. He called you to be a shepherd! YES! Take care of His flock, HIS Business and HE will take care of yours!!!

DON’T allow people to get in the way of your vision. Ultimately people are the vision!  And when you start to find the joy in the growth of the people, rather than in what they could accomplish for you and your vision, it will change everything! Take care of those 1st who are walking with you in faith or for pay…either way is admirable, remembering…A ship can’t make shore with no tide nor wind…it may take man power to row! “Michael rowed the boat ashore! Allelujah!” Take care of God’s people and He will Get you there!

Help the people who are the machinery to accomplishing the vision, rather than be blinded by the vision itself. “You cant ride a horse accross the desert without sharing water and expect to get to the ither side” . Some won’t make this easy…but they were not given the vision for your quest and may not understand…they will be self motivated at times, harbor ill will and slap the hand which helps them most…neither understanding nor seeing the bigger picture.. You just STAND by God’s plan and vision for you and his people and HE will cultivate and surround you with the greatest, most gifted, loyal and talented people to ensure your vision is manifested…HE never said all would make it ashore…But if you trust in HIM, the Vision he gave you and yourself… you will find what you seek…It may be greater than anyone expected!!:)

Do right by those who do right by you.

Ok…almost there…Understand that Most Visions never see the light…because you begin to plan with those in the Dark!!! Stay transparent with it…keep the energy of God in it and let no dark minded thing near it…God is the best filter for nonsense and shenanigans!


Remember, You gain your value from what you do, not training others to do it! That will come in time…God gave YOU the vision…YOU must start it!!!


The value was placed in you…You start it! You Do it! You will know when to expand it…and then you stay with it…A vision without its lifeline is a ship adrift in rough waters.. Keep it anchored, for God gave you its compass. ..stay with it and stay in it…

Read your Bible. Pray. Get quiet with God. Listen, and He will give you the wisdom you’re asking for so that your Vision is always clear, in view and achieved.

May God Bless you, Stand Tall in all you do…remembering that kindness is NOT a weakness and that the Armor and Hammer of God is with you!!!

Take care and have an outstanding and wonderful Sunday!

Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.
Defender of the Faith


CC: Rev. Dan Brewer – UTRM
CC: Bishop Anibal Marciera – GRMI
CC: Pastor Dorothy Shields

About Defender of the Faith

A Direct Action Motivational and Missions Based Ministry serving God's people where so ever dispersed!! Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.

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