Are There Good Men?


Good morning saints! Powerful you are, let us open in prayer…

Heavenly Father, give us strength this day Father to open our minds and open the hearts to understand all of the lessons that you have in store for us this wonderful day. We thank you Father for all of your graciousness and mercifulness that you have supplied in our lives. Continue to keep us empowered Father in your loving word that we may be better enabled to display the beauties of holiness to the honor of Thy holy name, Amen

Ok….welcome and here we go….I had a young man recently ask me how does he know that he is a good man… He had been hurt in heart recently and felt as though he may have taken his hurt out on someone who truly loved him….

I began with ….“Good men” and “good husbands” aren’t exempt from making mistakes. Nor should their mistakes be their primary means of learning.

I want to touch on this a little this morning and truly hope this helps someone…

Family, there are times when I look back on my past and I do wish I had handled various situations differently. On the other hand, sometimes the only reason I learned how to become a better man, person and father is by falling short of what was expected of me to be in life. Unfortunately, it is only through my defeats that I learned to be a better man. I often say, “I learned more from the women, friends and situations that left me when I did wrong than from the women, friends and situations who stayed and enabled my actions!!! … Stay with me here…This is why I usually encourage women (yes you ladies) to leave men who are falling extremely short of your expectations of the man you need (NEED not WANT) in your life. This is not only because I think women (and people in general) shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best, but also because as a man I know a man has to want to change for himself long before he can change for a woman, friends or situation…..

The Lord tells us to seek ye first the kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all of these things will be added unto you!

This is a powerful statement because too many times most men fall short because they seek other worldly things First!!!!

Ladies remember…….A good man does not mean attractive, a good provider or innocent looking!!!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this and he is selfish, abusive (Physically/Mentally) and a tyrant!

Let’s get into it, stay with me….we are going to get this done:)

I truly believe a good man is born and developed into being great. Divinely made some may say…Perfection does not equal great, and great surely does not mean without flaw. It surely is a combination of a man/woman’s core and the decisions he/she has made after several mistakes that determines his/her worth!!!! right? help me a little here!;) In all sincerity, I understand what life and worldly living can do to a person’s soul and spirit-but it’s that “je ne sais quoi” that a person has that makes him/her get up again that makes a person a powerful being a good person and a winner! … Put God 1st in your actions, stop hating! Pray for forgiveness, Put your best foot forward, truly care to be better!!! this is what you must do to make your soul a happier one!

You will know when you meet a good man– they have a knack, tendency or way of making everyone around them better.

So, how does one know if he is a good man….simple…a good man is a man who knows the meaning of caring for others. It isn’t defined by how tall or big his shoulders are or his bravado. He knows that being a man is about taking care of your responsibilities and learning from your mistakes. He knows that being vulnerable and showing emotion isn’t weak but a sign of strength! He provides good counsell in the face of worldly distractions and cares enough to stand firm in the execution of the correct actions.

ok, we are almost there…don’t find it hard to believe that every good man grew into that role without hurting or failing…if not outright breaking, many hearts, ruining friendships and situations along the way. This maybe true!!!, it seems one or more women, friendships etc. had to suffer so that one-day one woman, friendship or situation could prosper. Hmmmmm think about it….

Family, I will say again, that a good man steps up to responsibilities, reflects on the decisions of his past, forgives, learns from his mistakes and honestly feels some remorse (if only for a second) for the hurt he’s caused on his way to becoming a true gem, diamond in the rough, good wheat among weeds. A good man is a man that GENUINELY loves God , himself and others. That will set the foundation for all else….

Some say a good man is hard to find…I don’t think thats necessarily true…Sometimes we have to do a better job of choosing whom we put time into……..

If you are a good man… Share, invest and Make another good man! Actions speak louder ……;)

A good man…If that’s not you today… That’s ok… Earnestly Pray and Work on it! Time patience and perseverance accomplishes all things! 🙂

Stand Tall, Pray Up and move forward…allowing God to be your compass, your guide, your strength and your Light!

Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.
Defender Of The Faith Ministry



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A Direct Action Motivational and Missions Based Ministry serving God's people where so ever dispersed!! Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.

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