The Power of I AMs


The power of I AMs… Many ministers have spoken on this… here is my morning wisdom to you on this subject…Wow…here we go….are you ready…I AM;)

The I AMs that come out of your mouth, Shape your life!! you know…the…. I AM Fat, I AM old, I AM worn out, I AM Broke, I AM Tired…I AM Stressed, I AM Defeated, I AM UGLY..I AM a Failure… I AM weak…CHANGE YOUR I AMs, change them today my friends!!…..Find love enough in yourself for yourself and family!! How about this…I AM wonderfully Made, I AM Strong, I AM Loyal, I AM BLESSED!!! I AM a good person, I AM Favored, I AM loving!!! Don’t focus on your flaws, Focus on your Blessings!!! If all of the I AMs you want to be are not true Today…Act and speak them into existence!! Beauty is being who God made you to be in confidence! You are God’s Masterpiece!! So speak Powerfully and act accordingly….I am wonderful, I am amazing, I am an original, I am Valuable! I AM a good mother! I AM a good Father, I AM LOVED, I AM Smart! I AM Crowned in Favor!!
Remember using the wrong I AMs will keep you defeated, subdued and in depression…Shake it OFF! Shake off the negative things people say about you and start standing tall! You are hand picked by the Almighty I AM!

Just change the words and the I AMs that come from your mouth! Get out of the trenches an the valleys and get to the mountain tops!! Remember Life and death is in the use of your words and tongue! Keep your quiet confidence in knowing….say it with me….I Am Loved by the great I AM that I AM!!!:) any and everything is possible!

Allow your words to Bless your future NOT curse your future! Don’t allow those negative seeds that others plant on you to hold you down!! You are not who people say you are but who God says you are!!! Talk about the way you want to be and be that today !!!!

Don’t allow the wrong I AMs to shape who you are! Don’t invite the wrong I AMs in!! You are equipped, empowered and anointed! Repeat: I AM Powerful!! I AM empowered, I AM equipped! I AM Anointed!:)

Remember…what follows your I AMs will come looking for you:) The words you speak set the course for your life!!!

I AM Blessed! I pray for the same to you!!! Say it!!!! I AM Blessed!!!!:) 🙂

Stand Tall, Pray Up and Hit it and Hit it Hard! Both feet hit the floor this morning so anything is possible today!!! Powerful you are!!!!! I AM;)

Simply Have an Outstanding Day and Be Blessed….I Am:)

Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.


About Defender of the Faith

A Direct Action Motivational and Missions Based Ministry serving God's people where so ever dispersed!! Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.

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