Father’s day brawl!!!!


Man up time, stand up time, take back time!!!

Let’s use this Father’s Day to recommit to ourselves, our families and communities!

First off let me start by saying…HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!!!

Today we will be reading from several texts, but especially 1Kings 11:11-12

The Lord shall make you reign as princes and rulers over your household, over your business and in the society. The Lord shall lift up your hands and you shall not go down anymore. He will cause His bright countenance to shine upon you. Your going out is blessed in the name of the Lord, your coming in is blessed in the name of the Lord. Blessed shall you be in the city, blessed are you in the field.

The works of your hands are blessed.
The blessings of Abraham come upon you.
The nobility of Noah come upon you.
The might of Gideon come upon you, you shall possess the gate of your enemies.
Greatness is your portion in the name of Jesus.

GLORY!!!! Happy Father’s Day!

Ok, let’s get into this….Life is about brotherhood, but the family is about fatherhood . God knew that Abraham will command his household to follow him in doing the things of God . Gen.18:19 The convenant to bless Abraham and Sarah with a child and multiply his sons like the uncountless stars was not with Sarah but her husband Abraham. Fathers are the gateway to the family. Hear me on this…..Fathers are Gateways to the family….The skill, the craftiness of Rebekah could not produce the blessing but the ultimate proclamation of the blessings rested with Isaac the father. God had ordained it so. Now ladies relax…;) On Mother’s Day we tell you how great you are and how good you are…right? 🙂 but on this Father’s Day, let me concentrate on your Fathers and brothers, and sons who will be Fathers. Let me chisel at their imperfections and strengths, allow me to lend guidance to their minds, that they may be better examples of the beauties of Holiness and an honor to Thy Holy Name!!! It’s Father’s Day, Let me breathe with them a bit 🙂

I am Telling them what they need to do to be great! Outstanding and powerful men of God!
I am Telling them to take due care of their responsibilities
I am reminding them of their commitments to their wives, to their children and to the larger society!

Believe me, I am not perfect, as I understand that the perfections of character are NOT of this world, Yet I am strengthened in the Love, teachings and position of the living God, to share with my brothers that it is the internal, and the external qualifications that makes them Good Fathers. praise God. Ok…..Let’s get into this…

So family is about fatherhood.
It is important to know that you must first be a husband before you become a father, Eph……….. However God is a good Lord who has provision for all of his people, so the time of ignorance He has overlooked for those who placed the cart before the horse in becoming father first….Stay with me here….

Can I quickly remind you of the person who is a father,
A father is someone who smiles when he feels pain…Hello! somebody help me here!
A father is someone who laughs when he cries inside…..
A father is someone who is calm when the situation is chaotic…what…YES! You know this…
A father is someone who is afraid but still shows courage….
A father is someone that hurries from the breakfast table to win bread that he alone cannot eat!!!

Does any of this sound familiar!!!!! IT SHOULD! That’s a good man! That’s POP, Poppi, Daddy, pops, abu, pop pop, dad, abba and baba etc…..

A father has a dual role of kingship and priesthood . Most men are, however, satisfied at being the king and not the priest but until you undertake your responsibility as a priest, you may not be able to assert your authority as the king! Yep, I said it and I will say it again….In these times, it’s not good enough to just reign, you must love, teach, lead, mend and heal the pain!!! You must put God and structure in your plan! Just being a MAN…Not going to cut it as your family will suffer for it. More than a man, more than a male being….But a loving, leading spiritual foundation in a King.

It is my prayer that God will clothe you with the grace for priesthood and enthrone you as kings and you shall rule and reign in your home and in your society. Powerful you are, Stand up and take back your family, Take it Back! You have the power to do so….Fight off the temptations of the evils of the world…the greed, jealousy (ooooh that jealousy) the negativity, the jezebels (You know who I’m referring to! and ladies…a quick note: Loneliness is no excuse for sin…leave these men alone for you know they are weak…but we are working on that!!!!), the sin…THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS!!!! They all lead you straight to HELL in the end brother! You’re the protectors of your Families, the guard at the gate…why would you let anything hurt the ones who need you and love you the most……FIGHT FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brothers, Men, Family and friends…I invite your consideration this Sunday morning of Father’s Day 2012 to 1 Kings 11:11-12 As we examine together the topic brothers…ok, you still with me?…,

Now, Men, stand up….and let’s go TAKE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go….and get angry with this…as you should be, at the mere thought that something is attacking your families, your wives, baby girls and sons!!!!! Let’s Roll!

What the devil has stolen from you, from your family, from your family lineage must be Taken Back!! for this reason, the son of God manifest that he may destroy the works of the enemy. And from the time of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffers violence and it is the violent ones that take it by FORCE! Yes, you should feel violated right now….stay with me here…

Listen, brothers….listen…
The joy in your marriage that has eluded you must be taken by force!!!!!! Take it Back!!!
The spiritual upliftment that has been difficult to attain must be taken by force. TAKE IT BACK!
That business breakthroughs must be taken by force. TAKE IT BACK!!!
Hey!!! It is time to have them back, I come this 17 th day of June marking Father’s Day 2012 to proclaim to you son of the Living GOD that your set time for restoration has come. Job was restored a hundred fold, you will be restored a thousand fold in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ!!!! WHAT!!! Did you hear me?…somebody help me a little here!!!!! You will be restored a thousand fold in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!

Listen..Isn’t it interesting how you can be so disempowered by the enemy and you are left without hope, I came with a fire…a small burning twig, a candle of light to rekindle your hope in power of restoration of our Father God, faithful is Your God, he has called you out of darkness into his marvellous light, if he says a thing HE is standing by to accomplish it!!!!! HE is your redeemer!!!! Who shall defeat you, with Him by your side!!!!!! Powerful you are in the living God!!! Stand, Rise and be respected! Take back the sense of pride and honor you have as a good man!

Your responsibility as a father is enormous and quite challenging…I understand this…trust…. It is far beyond the ooos, aaahh and aaahs and ooopps of reproduction and sex.

Ok…you made it….:). Now…let’s settle in on….Now that you are convinced to Take it back…now that you have it back….how do you keep it…..

Stay close, here we go….

Here are the roles of a Father.

We here at Defender of the Faith call these The 6ps of Fatherhood.

Problem solver
Principal guide

5 checklist for a father: Pray these until you get these!!!

I WILL love my wife and children more. Eph 5:25 husbands love your wives even as Christ loves the church and gave Himself for it.
I WILL listen more. Don’t gain the career and lose your child and family.
I WILL use words of gratitude and appreciation more. It encourages them.
I WILL make all in my household to have a sense of belonging.
I WILL spend more time with my family.
I WILL laugh more. A merry heart doeth like medicine but a broken spirit drieth the bone.

I congratulate you Men on making it through this sermon, I am among you and thank you for the opportunity to serve my God by sharing this word with you….know that what God has enabled you to start, shall be concluded gloriously. Better is the end of a thing, than the beginning thereof. Right!;) Your latter end shall be greatly increased. You know…the Bible says that the glory of the latter shall surpass the former, listen up brothers…you know that you ain’t seen nothing yet. You are a finisher, You are an accomplished father, because He, the Almighty and powerful God enabled you to start again; you will see the end, and you will end it outstandingly! Now…go celebrate for your light has come and the glory of God is risen upon you. Many shall fall at your side but it shall not come near you because you bear on your body the mark of the Lord Jesus Christ that says touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm!!!! Powerful! Just continue to stand tall in all you do, follow your guide and fear no danger for God walks with you and when you can no longer go on, he will carry you! Just believe and keep putting one foot after the other!

I now remind you of the authority you have and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ pray for you strength in judgement, character, wisdom and love, you shall not lose your place of dominion in your family, in your household and in the society.

May God Bless you Fathers!:)

Thank you for taking time with me this Father’s Day!

Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr. – Defender of the Faith Missions and Ministry
CC: Rev. D. Brewer – Upon This Rock Ministries
CC: Rev. J. Chirse – DOTF Sr. Deacon
CC: Pastor D. Shields
CC: Bishop A. Maceira – Gospel Renewal Missions International

Gen. 49:10 – The sceptre shall not depart from Judah nor a lawgiver between his feet
This is the word of the Lord, I came to you fathers under the sound of my voice that you’ve got your name tagged to mighty blessings, and what is yours is yours and can no body take, be it powers above or beneath the waters. History begins with you today. Where your predecessors could not achieve, you will achieve and surpass. A new era begins with you in the name of the Lord Jesus. God ushers you into a new level from today. The sceptre is handed over to you today and it shall be for a perpetual monument and remembrance.

Come on, celebrate! For you strive to be worthy of praise, in God’s name this day and forevermore!

Remember….Powerful you are, stand tall in it!

Happy Father’s Day!


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