Stop Hypocrisy!!! Stand Up! Be You!


Darkness and Light can not occupy the same space at the same time and place….Be who you love to be in the light, bring darkness to light and make light your life! Rev. Poe

Ok, let’s get into it…Blessings to all who have joined us for this sermon on Being powerful in you.

Family, Friends, OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW!!! You know many of us struggle with hypocrisy, some more than others. Professing to be one thing, while constantly being another is the issue. You can’t prosper spiritually, morally or truly financially with this setback of identity. If you’ve been to eastern countries…China, etc. in the last few years, you know they have recently embraced capitalism with an aggressive passion, while still professing to be hard-line communists. Ok, here we go….But professing to be one thing and doing another is not unique to communism in China. Well, this is also the case for many who call themselves Gangsters, players, thugs AND Devout Christians!!! Yes I said it and I will say it again!!!! And Christians living the way they know is not in their hearts and souls… wild, untamed and unguided in the ways of the world. Yielding to peer pressure, job requirements, friends and even family… Interestingly enough, A recent Gallup poll found 72% of Americans believe that Jesus was the Son of God, yet 80% felt each individual should arrive at his or her own beliefs independent of any church. Now those two stats show a huge disconnect between belief and practice, between professing faith and living it. I too believe I’m in the 72% and also believe in religious harmony, but that there is also only one way….Now, that 80% is called hypocrisy and it’s the number one reason people outside the church say they have no interest in Christianity. Whether you’re a communist or a Christian, practice what you preach–or at least have the integrity to call yourself something else.

Actions reveal what you really believe, no matter how much you profess what you are.

Mathew 33 states: Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. (Matthew 23:28 KJV)

Listen, we all have a ways to go in championing perfection, my message to you today is this….I of course would love to see gangsters, thugs, etc. etc. in the church…full body…I believe that if they bring that same intensity and aggression to loving God, their families and community, what POWERFUL MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD THEY WOULD BE….The point is…Don’t claim to be a thug, act like a thug and speak like a thug, then quietly in mixed company act like a saint!!! It doesn’t work!! People can see right through you….case in point, just as for many Christians…Don’t act like a devout Christian and then be in the club, dropping it like its HOTT and like they FORGOT!!!! Help me a little here; If you want to be and or claim to be great….BE GREAT!!! If in a position to help someone…help them! You don’t have to push your weight, show how many people you know, show all of the connections you THINK you have… Then after all of your personal boasting and, making the same person you helped feel like they are unworthy and beholden to YOU, say…it’s all good…IT’S NOT! You gave none of that glory to GOD who gave it to you!!!! It’s NOT ABOUT YOU!!! The only reason you helped was to boost your own ego and have another human being beholden to you UNDER THE VEIL OF CHRISTIANITY!!! I get so many emails about situations like this!!! Do it, because it’s the right thing to do! Period, to the goodness and graciousness of our Lord!!! Pray with them, encourage them, so that when you do help them, they feel good showing up or utilizing the opportunity through God you gave them. (Ok, side tracked a bit;) )Don’t bow to the ways of the world and peer pressure!!! If you want to be strong in the LORD, BE STRONG!!! Just stand up an be who you dream to be TODAY!!!! For real, and if you don’t know how to be….Pray on it, find a way and make a way, just stand up and be who you claim to be and dream to be TODAY!!!! God and God’s people will find you, be with you and guide you! But you must get out of the rat race of being a winning RAT and truly peek above the weeds so that you can see the wheat!! Somebody help me a little here!!! Be born again and faithful in who you are, be a new creation in yourself, for yourself and in the Lord!!



Again Mathew 27 tells us…Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. (Matthew 23:27, 28 KJV)


As they say….stop fakin’ jacks!!! Is that it…I’m sure some of our young folks will correct me…lol..but listen, Don’t let this world judge you based on your worldly wealth or position…it’s all about the internal qualifications of a man which makes him great.. Take those qualification approved by God and make them your manifest! Build a spiritual bridge toward greatness in being who you are, the better parts of your antiquity and hold a blind eye to evil ways and intentions. Hold close to the qualities of God, that inspire you to do the very best you can! Stand up and pray up, be what makes your heart beat with joy, excitement and love!

Mathew 6:33 tells us to “seek he first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto YOU”…

YOU!!! 🙂 Stand and be proud; no more hypocrisy, no more depression, no more worldly values, no more being ashamed, no more two-faced living, be who you dream to be today and watch your life increase in excitement, success, wisdom, prosperity, business, friendships and FAITH! POWERFUL YOU ARE! Know this, accept and expand the better parts of you are- be proud of who you are! 😉

Father, I pray for a continued enlightenment of my friends, family and Defenders of the Faith, keep them encouraged to seek your face as the only approval required for them to be great! Yield them the confidence needed to inspire greatness and confidence in their better hearts, so that they can push powerful changes in their lives, standing Tall for their families and communities, and smiling lovingly in the mirror at who they are!

Amen, Amen and all God’s people say Amen!!!

Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.
Defender of the Faith
Upon This Rock Ministries




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