Why God Cares! Let’s get into it!


Every coin has two sides, every question has pros and cons, there are believers and non-believers; everybody has got their own identity, I have mine (Praise God) and you have your own…I do accept your identity, will you accept mine? The Lord is my rock, my staff and my shield, I will love Him and listen to Him, through hard labor, to beautiful pastured green fields! My God is free to me, helps me be a better person, helps me to love those who don’t love me nor themselves. I will defend Him, His word and His children with my life, stand tall against the rain and push forward through the pain, for when I look at what He has done for me!!!! Glory!!!! DONE FOR ME!!! No freak of coincidence or luck of charms could have saved me and pulled me through which my Miraculous deliverance was wrought!

IT WAS HE WHO IS GREATER THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD WHO SAVED ME!!! And you!!! I CHOOSE TO LIVE EVERYDAY AS IF THERE IS A GOD, THAN NOT, THAN DIE, ONLY TO REALIZE THAT……HE IS!!!!!!! Can you imagine the exaltation when you are delivered to the throne and placed at his feet, in glorified, body renewed, feeling the strength in your heart, mind, body and soul….weeping from the abundance of beauty, love, family, friends….WHAT WOULD YOU SAY!!!!! Me…..simply……..I love you Father….with tears of joy…I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME!!! You made me into what you needed me to be!!! You grew me through hard times, labor and uncertainty, JUST, so I could learn to have faith in what I could not see and not just the strength in my arms, legs and my mind, but in HE who loved and carried me!!!! For I know those foot prints I saw in the sand of my life were NOT my own, for I know I will recognize the prints in the sand, while crying lovingly at my Lord’s feet while on both knees at his throne!!!!! GLORY BE TO GOD!!!! That I can write this sermon for you all today, for I’m here to tell you that you are worthy!!!!! Worthy of his love! Don’t you let this demon infested, loveless world fool you, there is a better place for you, in his arms, be inspired to live for him, he won’t let you down, he won’t leave you, he will not forsake you……LET HIM BE YOUR ROCK, YOUR REDEEMER, YOUR STRENGTH, YOUR SHIELD….GLORY, LET HIM HOLD YOU AT NIGHT LET HIM…..make everything alright….praise God for his goodness and his grace…….fight the good fight! Forgive yourself for he has already forgiven you….he paid the ultimate price for you, your love and your life….let go of this wretched world, let go and let God!!!

Ok, take a breath and let’s get into it….;)

First, let me say this…if you truly want to know why God cares….READ HIS WORD, The Holy Bible..

Let us open in prayer….Father, give us the strength we need Father, and the knowledge of the holy to be able to discern this message properly; forgive us us our sins Father, enabling us to review this information as anew and be open to receiving what may have been lost or forgotten, help us to understand and receive this message. Amen.

Ok, Why would God care?
I am hoping to answer the question in such a way that people who are saying he cares just because they have been raised to think he cares (which I believe is correct) will have additional armor in answering the question. I want to give you intelligent answers.

The questionable point…Say God DID create the world. Why would He watch over us? Why would He care? I mean, a parent will abandon his/her own child in this world – and God has BILLIONS of us. Really, one might figure we’re no more than ants to him. Even if He DOES exist and He CAN hear us, why would He listen?

Ok, you ready….Got your bibles close?….here we go….praise God..

You know, That was a thought that used to blow me away as well. It just seems so outrageously arrogant and self glorifying to believe that such an omnipotent, all-knowing, all-powerful being would give a crap about a bunch of wretched, self serving, racist, ignorant bumbling shaved apes like us…right…(am I being too hard on us?…maybe…ok, let’s see…;) ).
Where do they come up with this ego-trip that in all of creation human life is more sacred, more important, more necessary… than any other life in the universe? To assume that all “lower life forms” were just created to serve and entertain us. Humans have no more or less right to exist than any other creature. What kind of mentality can cling so desperately to beliefs that couldn’t be true unless all the galaxies in so vast a universe were made just to be pretty lights for our viewing pleasure? Agnostics, atheists etc….many have these thoughts….well……I’ve got news for you this morning, good news and solid answers….let go….

Why would God create all the different animals and plants and trees and nothing is exactly alike? Why would He fashion each of us uniquely with different features and tempearments and abilities?

Someone/Something who doesn’t care would never take the time to put into us what God has put into us. And even though there are billions of us on the planet, not one of us is exactly like the other. God specializes in uniqueness and individuality.

Have you ever done a project and just kind of slapped stuff together and did what you had to do to complete it? You really knew it wasn’t your best. Now, have you ever worked on something you really enjoyed? You took all the time you needed in order to do it right and make sure it was awesome because you cared. HELLO!!! That’s what God has done with us. He wants fellowship with us, His creation. He gives us the chance to get to know Him out of His uncompromising love.
Can you Imagine how much fun He must have had making all the flowers and the butterflies on this planet. If you could make a flower or a butterfly, would you want to see even one of them hurt or destroyed before its time? I wouldn’t! That’s just ONE example.

I am an artist and I’ll tell you … when I create something like a wonderful musical composition, (or for others) paintings, jewelry or perhaps our precious children, something I’ve worked hard on with love and devotion. I care very much about it and I believe God would love every flower, rock, tree, bear, dog, bird and human he handcrafts too, help me a little here folks….. I’ve created well over 500 musical compositions and I haven’t lost interest in ANY of them yet!!! Each crafted and composed tirelessly, with compassion, love and deep concentration. All of them are my favorites. This is why, I know God did the same!!! Every bird, flower, dew drop and sunny day was by his design..

So why would He watch over us? Because of the love an artist or a creator has for his or her works! And why would he care, if he has billions of us? Well, I’m just a measly little human being artist and I still love every composition, painting, sketch, piece of jewelry or clothing I’ve ever seen or more especially created myself. For a God who can make worlds … well, I’d say a few billion people and animals and trees and flowers would be no challenge at all to love! For there is a God, rest assured that He loves you to sooooo much and knows you out of every other life form on Earth. That’s kind of a neat feeling, huh? Glory!!! 🙂

Is there anything in your life that you love so much that you would sacrifice what you think you love most to save it?

To me that is why God cares….now listen, you must read his word….you must truly read the Bible as he explains this thought…

We don’t see all things as God does and it is good to be aware of our own nothingness…..yet if we really understood how priceless we all are then we would not deny God!!! HELLO, somebody work with me here!;) We deny ourselves when we deny Him. We are His offspring to become like Him…..He will always be our Father and our God…just like your parents will always be your parents but some day you too may have children…this life is a test for us to know what we are made of…God already knows us….but gives us freedom to choose between right and wrong….how we manage this life is a mirror of how we would manage in eternity….so those only worthy of such responsibility will continue to have this privilege. God wants us to have it all….that is why he cares.

This is what I feel to be true. Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.

Additional Source(s):

Pearl of Great Price
Moses 1:37-39
37 And the Lord God spake unto Moses, saying: The heavens, they are many, and they cannot be numbered unto man; but they are numbered unto me, for they are mine.
38 And as one earth shall pass away, and the heavens thereof even so shall another come; and there is no end to my works, neither to my words.
39 For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

May the Lord keep you, inspire you and launch you towards greatness, keeping you every held so tightly to his chest, that you can feel, the very heartbeat…..of Heaven!

God bless you all and I hope this helped someone. Please feel free to pass this along as I look forward in you joining us next Sunday!!!!

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Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.
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