Love your SO (Significant Other), Even though they drive U CRAZY!

Welcome family and friends and all Gods people, pursuant to the title, (laugh a bit), calm down and lets chat about it because…IT TAKES TWO!, today after several messages into the church, we decided to talk on this subject a bit….ok, here we go, ready…..lets begin with prayer….Father our Lord, give us the strength and wisdom to Move beyond a stalled relationship with our spouse or significant other, help us rejuvenate what once was and understand what is so that we can communicate that to you and with you guidance, move forward in to better days…..Amen.

Ok here we go, If you’re not seeing the growth you hope to see in your relationship, don’t nag your SO – (Significant Other) about it. Instead, ask God to show you the ways in which you need to change yourself, and focus on your own personal growth. Know that, while you can’t change your SO, you can change the dynamic of your relationship if you change yourself. Hold on, walk with me a little here…;) Pray for forgiveness for any contempt you have for your SO. Rather than lecturing your SO about concerns you have about him/Her, pray for the wisdom to know what to say, and when and how to say it best. You feel me now, hello! Work with me a little here;)

Redefine your respect for each other and more especially your romance. Recognize that true romance isn’t about fancy dinners or chocolate, beautiful jewelry or flowers (Hear me carefully!!!), or a glamorous trip to a secluded island – it’s all about unconditional love in a covenant commitment!!! HELLO!! Seek to create/recreate that love story between you and your SO that only the two of you know! Here we go! – you know the one, the one that builds intimacy, respect, love and commitment through both good and bad times, and keeps getting more and more exciting because you both keep learning more and more about each other!!! GLORY!!! Here we go, stay with me here!…no matter how long you’ve been together/married. If your SO is steady, reliable, honest, and true, be grateful for them, realizing that such qualities are much more romantic than when you receive glamorous gifts that can’t be counted on to be there for you no matter what. Keep up a love affair with your SO for the rest of your Time together, expressing your affection in fresh ways every day, together, with each other, against the world, powerful you are!!! Stand Tall for your SO, be the one who keeps the one! Praise GOD and Keep HIM upstairs, our father, Lord and savior IN THE MIDDLE of it all and by GOD it will be Unified!!!Clarified and Bonafide!!! Letting NO weapon formed against you all prosper, glory be to GOD! Be simply….your motivators, motivator!!!

Praise God, Bless you in His name, my Lord, My Lord…Um Um Um…….Glory.

Let us end in prayer…Father God, work through us Father that we bring light to you Father, helping us not to take our SO for granted. Help us realize that if we don’t show and tell our SO’s how much we appreciate them, someone else likely will!!!!, No matter how busy we get father! Don’t allow us to forget to let each other know each day how much we are attracted to them. We Thank You God for the gift of our SO’s, despite their flaws and despite our own… Thank you Father for your love, compassion, understanding and peace….Amen, Amen and all God’s people say…AMEN!

Praise God…ok, lastly, Think about the qualities that first attracted you to your SO, and appreciate them today. Let your SO know that he/she is much more than just a roommate/teammate to you; show them that you think they are still HOTT!

Bless you all, I truly hope this has helped someone to live again, love again and restore a friend!

Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.
Upon This Rock Ministries

Hit it and Hit it Hard!


About Defender of the Faith

A Direct Action Motivational and Missions Based Ministry serving God's people where so ever dispersed!! Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.

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