In remembrance of…….

Memorial Day!

Friends, family one and all, We owe so much to the servicemen and women who secure our freedom and watch over us even when we do not know they are there. And I, for one, after serving in both the Army and the Navy, am so very grateful and proud of my comrades that they go where most are afraid to go, to lazy to go, didn’t get the opportunity to go, to high to go.. etc etc etc… – and go there willingly to keep us all safe.

So I just thought that, in honor of Memorial Day, I would take a break from our normal mentoring topics, sermons and motivational posts and send out a simple THANK YOU.

It is also worthy of mention that military service often comes at a high personal cost for servicepersons and their loved ones. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.) reports that mental illness diagnoses is on the rise in veterans and active duty military personnel, and the numbers just keep climbing.

Hug a service member today, take the extra moment to call them, remember especially those among them who have been wounded or lost their lives. It was for you and me. God Bless them and hold them close! To every Airborne Ranger (Huah, HUAH!!)!!!, Green Beret, Navy Seal (way to go team! 😉 ) SERE Specialists, Air Crew, Rough Neck, Leather Neck, Devil Dog, Fly Boy, B-52 crews, Recon, Marines, Medics, Mercs, LRRPs, Infantry, supa-dupa Paratrooper, Grunt, Leg, Coast Guard, tunnel rat, river boat trooper, Navy Sailor, Frog man, path finder, Air Assault troop, Airforce, Army, Navy, Marine corp, National guard, reservist, Delta force, Airforce Special forces, Jet Jock, Airforce 1 crews and all other service men and women in support of our country, we THANK YOU for your service and honor your sacrifice. We thank you on this day in remembrance of those who didn’t make it home physically, but will be in our hearts for ever.

Dear Heavenly Father,

As we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy every day, we think of how they have followed in the footsteps of your son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Please hold our servicemen and women in your strong arms. Cover them with your sheltering grace and your presence as they stand in the gap for our protection.

We also remember the families of our troops. We ask for your unique blessings to fill their homes, and we pray your peace, provision, and strength will fill their lives.

May the members of our armed forces be supplied with courage to face each day and may they trust in the Lord’s mighty power to accomplish each task. Let our military brothers and sisters feel our love and support.

In the name of Jesus. Amen.

All, Take a moment to contemplate what freedom means for you – not just in your recovery, but throughout your life. Consider also the often harsh conditions that deployed military are faced with, and then look within yourself to find the place in you that holds the same level of courage and tenacity that those situations require. Celebrate yourself for being willing to take on the enemy within and not back down. Then go hug a service person and enjoy your Memorial Day holiday weekend!!!!!!! 


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