Happy Mother’s Day Y’all !!


Happy Mother’s Day!
by Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr. on MAY 8, 2011

Family, friends! It warms my heart that today is sunny here in DC, because really all the moms out there deserve an absolutely beautiful day to be celebrated. I’m a huge believer in celebrating my mom, in thought, in action and in memory, because of everything she did for me. I know, she loved me and my brother equally. As many of you know, my Mom passed away when I was 16. As many of you have had your moms pass away, I know we understand how important mother’s day is for us and especially for those who can still put a big ‘ol squeeze of a hug on their mothers! Hold them close and squeeze tight and tell Mom you love her, and celebrate her day!

Now, God blessed many of us, especially me with several Moms throughout my life, from aunts to Friends, to my friends’ Moms, Doris Mae Jean Jenkins Jones Jeter, to my dad’s new Wife Zy. All of whom I love, thank and cherish and would not trade them for the world as they all raised me; I’m Happy, educated and have been all over the world! Most importantly I feel strong in who I am, confident in what I believe and a powerful man of God!

Although I miss my Mom deeply, plenty stepped up to make things right…So to all my Aunts, Aunties, Zy’s, Diane, Mom moms, grammies, and the like, may God bless you all on this day, because I believe I turned out alright!:) I will forever love you all.

Every year that goes by, I realize more and more, that the reason why I am the person I am is because of the lessons and values from my mom, and these ladies, how to clean my nails, comb my hair, pay bills and stay out of jail;)

So I’ll leave out the rest of the sappy-ness and just share the most important lessons I learned from them.

Follow your heart, have no fear, keep God in your view, love gently, go hard, educate yourself and take care of your family as we taught you to!!

I hope you all get lots of love and hugs today!!!

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. ~Author Unknown


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