Is there a God?

Ok, family, Rev. Poe here to help you understand is there a God and if there is (There is), Why become a Christian ?

Ok, here we go, everyone ok? Great….Now, this is a matter of personal choice. You have to want to be one. Here are some reasons:

1) God promises an eternal life with no sorrow or tears to those accepted into His kingdom. This life on earth is not even one minute long compared to eternity. But this life hear has a lot of trouble, pains and sorrow where the promised life has joy and contentment. Now that is a long time to live and not many are wanting to die soon unless their life is full of troubles. So Christians live by faith in the hope of God’s promise of eternal life .

2) A greater power. While people are troubled by various problems here on earth the non-believer has no higher power to turn to. When one begins to follow Jesus he now has the power of the Holy Spirit to call upon in times of need. God hears his children when they pray to Him and helps them as a father helps his children. God knows what’s best for us and provides blessings abundantly to those who are faithful. So the Christian has the advantage of a very powerful and wealthy Father while all others are on their own .

3) To overcome evil. Because the world is full of evil and troubles. God wants His followers to help reduce hunger, poverty, suffering, hatred, dishonesty, crime, oppression and other evils. Christians are learning to become honest, loving, caring citizens, increasing the good while reducing the evil. The more Christians the better off everyone else can be .

4) Comfort insurance. To keep yourself out of the burning hell that is reserved for the devil and his followers. Suffering and misery is reserved for those who chose evil over good. God is a righteous judge, He knows your thoughts and heart. There are no secrets from God, what you do in private is only hidden from other humans. All men are going to die and be judged, all men have sinned and are guilty of death, you need Jesus as sacrifice to cover your sins or you will be judged a sinner. If a spirit within is is of evil and not of God, that spirit will be removed from the presence of God and thrown into the lake of fire to burn forever. Better to let God into your heart today and start His Spirit growing their now, you could die any day (you never know) and then your chance is over forever.

See also my article on Why become a Christian…

Ok…Now, with that understanding, the subject matter at hand is…What Proof is there of a God, based on Christianity……hmmmm, this is going to be good…1st there are to many personal instances that have convinced me long ago that there is a God, as I’m sure after reading this you will agree in reference to your own are some of the larger examples of proof…

What Proof is there of God…hmmmmm..

1) Natural Evidence. Nature itself is one big sign. Scientist believe that all life evolved over a long time, but they can’t find any missing links to show how one form of life turned into another. That is harder to believe than that God created it. There are thousands of totally different kinds of animals, reptiles, animals, birds, fish, insects and plants all over the earth. Each kind different in many ways and each kind reproduces itself naturally using various methods. Then all the dinosaurs and most of other life forms were wiped out when a big meteor struck earth millions of years ago. How then did all these newer forms of life evolve all over again in the shorter period since then. It would be a lot like putting all the parts or raw materials for a car engine in the wash machine and turning it on for millions of years and then having it all come together and start running and improving itself.
Well it is also logical that a great eternal God, the Grand architect of the Universe was experimenting with life and started with primitive designs like the oldest fossils and dinosaurs are. Then as He got better He made better designs. Then one day there was too much old obsolete life around so He wiped it all out and started over with all new models. The way man started with the wheel, then the bicycle, then a motor, next an antique car, then a biplane, and now we have the latest vehicles and the old ones are in junk yards and museums. Same story with computers etc etc…I truly believe that his designs where alway perfect but he built in the ability for them to be transformed as the environments around them where thus transformed, that’s truly the balance of a perfected solution to be aware, grow, adapt, love and prosper…

2) The Jewish Nation. As a non-Denominational Minister, I believe that the lord makes a way for all who have given there lives to him, love him and abide by his plans. The way I chose was as a Christian. The Jewish people are another great evidence of God. That’s right! Let me help you a little here if you don’t get it. The whole Old Testament is a history and prophecy about them!! The Bible says they would be scatter all over the earth..HELLO! and they are. It says they would be persecuted and hated, (NOT by ME..I truly understand this in my own way) but.. they are! It claims the Holy Land of Israel and Jerusalem would be the fought over, destroyed and rebuilt, and it is. The Bible prophecies the Jews would one day return to the Holy land and now they are starting to return. It claims that the dry wasted desert would become like the Garden of Eden and that has started happing already too. The Bible says that the Jewish people would be blessed and prosperous…HELLO!! and we see a large percentage of successful Jewish people living in upscale areas, many with their own business or a good job. Archeologists are finding more and more evidence that Bible stories did take place and Bible prophecy is expected to all come true. Now again, just a but more evidence that the man upstairs is awesome!!! Much respect to my Jewish brethren, you know I have much love for ya,…Christianity rocks;)

3) Evidence of Spirits. There is evidence of spirits, good and bad if you look for it. Stories of paranormal phenomena, haunted houses, fortune tellers, séances to wake the dead, witchcraft, angelic visitors, spiritual healers, demon possession and exorcism. So if you look (even on the web) you will find a lot of evidence that spirits exist. If spirits and demons exist, then you better hope they are not all evil. That is what Christians do, hope and trust in the Holy Spirit of God, a spirit of love, joy, peace, kindness, truth and justice. Now…spirits, ghosts etc…I have an entire article on this…see it for clarification and my position in depth…Hit It!

4) Time and Date. The whole calendar system is based on years since Jesus Christ was on earth. The expression A.D. refers to the latin expression Anno Domino which means, the year of our Lord (the Lord must have been there). Before that years are recorded as B.C. (Before Christ). Something significant must have happened back then because almost the whole earth uses that dating system, counting backwards and forward from the time of Christ. Around that time, during the Roman empire, history records persecution of Christians and also the start of the Roman Catholic Church based on some of the Bible teaching. Since then many different denominations have grown, all teaching Jesus as Savior. There is evidence it all happened back then and the Church has been growing ever since just as God planned it.

5) Faith. Aaahhhhhh yes…this is the one family! Now all the above is logical and circumstantial evidence of a God, but that is all. This is because men are saved by faith in Jesus and not because it has been proved to them. If there was indisputable proof then there would be no need for faith and everyone would know the truth. That is not the plan of God. Though He gives most all a chance for salvation, not everyone believes, not everyone accepts it and not everyone who accepts it uses the gifts of God to there fullest potential. God wants you to believe from the heart, without doubt, and enough to obey His will and enough to allow His Spirit to grow in you. For some help with this, find some mature Christians and ask them why they have no doubt that God lives, loves them, answers their prayers and helps them throughout their life and nothing can change their mind about it. Their individual life experiences are proof enough for them, and yours will be for you too, once God starts working in your life!

Simply…from at the era jest stages of our lives to latest days of our existence one name is unanimous throughout….the name of GOD. God is and has been in us.. I’m sure you have done it and have heard other do it, in times of eminent pearl, pain or danger the first words out of 95% of most peoples (Christian a given, but excluded from this percentage) mouths will be… OH GOD, GOD Help me, MY GOD, LORD NO, GOD Please, FATHER, etc etc etc…’s true, people who have never stepped foot in a church, children who have never been awaken to the gospel…it’s true…the father is real, can you believe that such Beaty that this world beholds along with such perfection in geometry and aesthetics could have been achieve without design and supernatural engineering. I believe not…I believe…….God;)

Now….believing in God, your faith is well on it’s way in being founded…continue below

How to become a Christian

1) Repent, admit you are a sinner, you are not alone, all have sinned. God wants you humble, not perfect. Resolve to let God start changing your life. Jesus came to save sinners from death, He did not come to call the righteous .

2) Come to realize that God loves you even though you are a sinner. So much love that he sent his Son Jesus to die for your sins. God made a way for you to become a child of God and heir to the Kingdom of Heaven .

3) Fully believe in your heart, (have faith), that God sent his Son Jesus to die as sacrifice for you sins and then raised him from death to be the King of Kings. If God did not raise Jesus from the dead then he won’t raise you either. It is required that you believe it, faith is the requirement for salvation, you cannot be saved from doing good deeds or because your mother believes. You must believe it or you are dead in your sins with no hope. There is no other way .

4) Call upon or pray to the Lord Jesus. Ask Him to come into your heart and show you the way He wants you to live. Jesus wants to give you salvation and a lot more but you must ask Him first .

5) Next you learn to live according to His will. Become a servant of God rather than a servant of sin. Surrender your will to His will. The biggest rule is to love God and to love the rest of the people. To love God is to obey Him. To love people is to show care and kindness to them, all of them .

6) Read and study the bible, a little each day. The bible is the book God gave us to teach us how to live. The Old Testament is the history of the Jewish nation (Jesus is a Jew) and also the prophecy for the future. The New Testament is about the life and attitude of Jesus and the first Christians. Both Old and New Testaments are full of instructions for wise and prosperous living, promises to those who obey it and warnings for those who don’t. It is a master guide book for Christians, new and old. It is a big book and will take several readings before you can grasp the whole picture, so get started now and keep it up .

7) What else should you do next ?
a) Learn to pray and do it often .
b) Find a good church and attend regularly. Denominations are not as important as the teaching.
c) Find Christian friends for guidance, encouragement and growth.
d) Get baptized in water as a witness of you faith.
e) Get baptized in the Holy Sprit (become born again).
f ) Continue to persevere and grow in the faith.
g) Tell others about Jesus, spread the word.

Look through my articles for addition guidance, direction, understanding and uplift

********Don’t want to become one now, still don’t believe in God)

It’s your choice and no one is forcing you. The Lord says “many are called but few are chosen”. Just ask yourself… times of eminent peril, pain or danger, or when looking eye to eye with evil, in whom do you put your trust?;) In yourself, in moms, pop, uncle mike, cuz ray ray, the GOVERNMENT:/ I choose God….think on it and I pray to see you enlightened. Blessings to you.

Ok, Family, I hope this has helped someone get through or find answers or at least another way of looking at things. God bless you as I hope and pray you are all inspired and strengthened to prosper by the Devine plan laid down for your lives. Bless you all.

SK…Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr. 32* (The Gospel Commando)
Defender of the Faith Missions and Ministry
Upon this Rock Ministries
Gospel Renewal Mission International
York #16: Knights Templar (Knighted 2009)

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