Cleaning for Gods Love


This Sunday, ket us clean house a bit….you ready…short and sweet..

A dear friend and minister sent me this:

The problem with Christianity today is the things that break the heart of God no longer break our hearts.

This by large is Sooooo True!

It’s kind of like the pipes that bring water into your house. You wouldn’t have any water without the pipes, but the pipes themselves are of no interest to you. When a guest comes to your house, do you take them on a guided tour of your plumbing, pointing out how beautiful the pipes are, how intricately decorated, how OLD they are? Of course not. You turn on the tap and offer your guest a glass of water. THAT’S WHAT PIPES ARE FOR – DELIVERING THE WATER. And when your plumbing ceases to deliver water – becomes rusted, corroded, or clogged up – and the plumber delivers the dreaded sentence “I’m sorry ma’am/Sir, but you gotta replace those pipes,” do you refuse to let them go? No – what you’re after is water, not pipes. Likewise, I suspect that if any denomination ceases to be a clear pipe which can deliver the life-giving water of the Gospel to people who are dying of thirst (like you and me) – God will say…REPLACE IT. So our hearts need to be rejuvenated in the love of Christ so that we never lose sight and/or regain what was lost! It’s time to clean the pipes a bit! Don’t allow this world to harden your hearts, don’t believe that a hardened heart is a safe heart! See, you don’t have to speculate about God’s love and how big His heart is! He holds up a mirror in which we can see our own behavior and He tells us exactly how he feels about it! Be renewed on the inside;) a spiritual rebirth, reproduce God’s character in You! Powerful you are! Open your hearts that God may work to and through you! Forgive quickly and completely, use your words to help others! Love one another and we should all strive for that perfection and character of heart which falls in line with God’s heart once again.

Bless you all.

Have an Outstanding Sunday evening, we will see you next week!

Rev. Poe

About Defender of the Faith

A Direct Action Motivational and Missions Based Ministry serving God's people where so ever dispersed!! Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.

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