We fall Down, But we Get up!!!!! GET BACK UP AGAIN!!!! You know the rest!

You know the rest; practice the rest!

Power! = Energy! = Assertion! =Comfort! =Excellence!
P E A C E be with you!

To he who is given much, much is expected! Even if we trip, stumble or fall, our lord WILL be there with us through it all! I WILL BE THERE!

Please pick it up, understand, correct the action, Brush, and Walk it off!

!!!!! It’s easy to see the mistakes on someone else’s paper. But I’m here to tell you…We ARE ALL UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! And that Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be measured, event counts! We don’t know why things sometimes happen the way they do!

I stopped waking up in the mornings making GOD laugh!, talking about…what MY plans are, what IM going to do today, what I want today…It is his plan…

Can the perfect person please stand up!!! The only one that’s perfect is the one who keeps us all from KILLING EACH OTHER!!! Thank you, Jesus! (Don’t catch a case now;-) I)Calming down a bit…

Look…An ounce of emotion is equal to a ton of facts. If you find yourself here… it’s OK!! IT’S OK…Just Correct the Action! Peace the problem! Ease the atmosphere…Give space where needed…Be SINCERE!! We have been left with the best guide for truth, forgiveness, and reconciliation….the living word…TRUST IN IT! use it! Embrace and understand it! IT’S GOOD…

When the turbulent tides of life turn against you, and the currents push, ba weave, and upset your boat. Don’t waste time on what might have been; just lie on your back and float on. Time, Love and trust in the Lord will calm your seas and adorn your craft.

A Prayer….We all need to be able to forgive others, and we also need to ask that others can forgive us when we do wrong. No Human is perfect, and I want others to Forgive me, when I do wrong. Most Importantly, I want God to Forgive me of my Own Sins. Therefore, in turn, I Must Forgive Other People. This is “Right” in the Eyes of God. We need to ALL value each other and Shared our Situations Seriously. We are each created Special in the Eyes of God. Lord, lend us your hem, that we may understand that its not the big things, but the little things that spawn greatness in us and oh lord, may the recollection thereof be made to our conscious that the mightiest of stones are supported by sand… which may giveth away so easily…we must trust not fully in man…nor sand…just you..

We are ALL very very fragile my God. Vouchsafe thine aid as we travel through this vale of tears…

Communicate, Fix, Forgive..God Bless all my friends…especially those that dont quite yet get it…and continue to strengthen those that do….. Amen

Get back up…Stand…….Stand!……..STAND!

GP…..Hope this helps someone…Hit it!

About Defender of the Faith

A Direct Action Motivational and Missions Based Ministry serving God's people where so ever dispersed!! Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.

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