Haiti, Im Back and Safe!

Friends, I was called to go to Haiti, I could go, I went to Haiti, as a Missionary, a Broadcast engineer/Technologist, A Good man, As a FREEMASON, A Defender of the Faith and most importantly, A MAN of GOD with Evangel Assembly of God. (Clinton, MD)

The Team I went with (Evangel Assembly Missions Team/World Harvest) was absolutely Outstanding! We served, cared for and prayed over 1500 Plus souls last week! We worked from within missions, churches, tent cities, road side, parks, from the beaches to the mountains, from Port-au-Prince to les Cayes and Back again! Give God the Glory; give Him the Honor and the Praise because Miracles are happing in Haiti! To say the need is great is a gross understatement. Keep your prayers targeted for the people of Haiti, the brothers of Haiti and the widows and orphans…as there are many!!! The town of Leogane is at the epicentre of Haiti’s disastrous earthquake – with up to 30,000 dead and almost all its buildings flattened.
A 8-strong missions team (Evangel) was the first to reach them with any humanitarian care. A rescue team got there two days prior. Leogane is Twelve miles west of capital Port-au-Prince, it used to have a population of 100,000 but now its centre is just a waste land with fallen twisted power cables threaded through rubble like spider webs. Nearby, huddles of people beg for help. Armed men stand defiantly to defend a health clinic-turned-shelter against all comers. This area had received no aid since the cataclysm and the scene looked apocalyptic. It looked like a scene from an old WWII Movie…The Powerful Haitian Pastor that accompanied us stated “It’s the very center, the epicentre of the earthquake, and many, many, many thousands are dead here. Nearly every house, 80% was brought down or totally destroyed. He estimates 30,000 dead.” I concur…..The smells, the sounds, the cries, the tears and the flies all tell a tale, all yield to the conclusion. The People have fled to the sugar cane fields/mangrove swamps to get away from the destruction. Thousands are living in the open, in the church secured areas, school playgrounds and shopping/market places. The largest group was along the main roadway (Camp#4) We served over 1, 100 souls there that day! Praise God! One of the local crew leaders (D.O.A affiliation) said when we arrived at the camp: “We have seen no rescues, red cross here, no help at all. a few people counting but leaving nothing, People are dying of starvation, even the survivors. We have nothing, we need help. We trust and need need you with open arms. come, help us, come.” Praise God, we did just that! Most of the wounds were now bad and many could have been avoided or healed earlier had help arrived sooner…We left it all on the field! We left that camp 6 hours later with not so much as a bottle of water left! We served and saved souls! For me, it was my obligation to myself, My Church, Freemasonry and my God; thank you all for your prayers for Haiti and our safe return.

Brethren…Pray for the children….Pray for their safety; to say we didn’t have more than a few incidents would not be true…BUT!!! the GREAT majority of the Haitian People are proud, God loving, peaceful and honorable people who where already in the midst of a bad situation, when hit by this! Just to be able to stand and be counted is a miracle!

Hope and Courage: As we were leaving, we got word that other Small international medical teams are now arriving in Leogane, and they as well have been quickly overwhelmed by the number of severely injured, But are arriving still!! Given the extent of the damage to the Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s provinces/Outlining areas, historically forgotten by the central government (Which is still a bit out of pocket!!!), fear they have been overlooked again at this moment of dire need, But again, aid is starting to get in……Glory!!

Friends, there is much to be done, where do we start…..?, Lets start here….earnest prayers for the children, orphans of Haiti and the over 300,000 children which are child slaves or restavèks. Some restavèks are street children and orphans; others are sold by their parents in hopes they will have a better life….But in most part….such is not the case!

I’m planning on going back soon! If you have a desire to assist, please let me know..

I Pray, that if this ever happened to any of us, Good people near and far….maybe from Haiti, would lend a hand to help us…and not just talk about it, but BE about it!

God Bless you all!

A Prayer for Haiti!


It is with a heavy heart that we come to you, not necessarily knowing what we should ask for because many of us are wondering, “Why did this happen? Why has tragedy stricken Haiti again and why do so many lives have to be lost again? Why has this beautiful island been stricken by a catastrophic earthquake and ruined?” But as many questions as we have regarding the situation, we still humble ourselves before you to ask for your mercy to be upon Haiti and its people. Extend your hand upon the land and restore all that has been lost, destroyed and damaged to be better than it was before. As rescue teams search for casualties, give them foresight. May they be led by your wisdom, and encouraged by your strength and advised by your discernment. There are yet people who are surviving and I pray that the rescue workers would find them in time and revive them. For the lives that will be lost, we pray for immediate comfort to come to the family and friends of the deceased. For those of us who are watching this unfold from the outside, I pray that you would give us hearts of compassion so that we can give out of our surplus to fill the deficit that is widening in Haiti. May we all extend ourselves in any way possible to secure our brothers and sisters in Haiti. And may every prayer regarding this tragedy be heard and responded to in your good time.


To whom Much is given, Much is expected! Let’s continue to not just talk about it, BUT, Be about it!

I am home Safe! Thank you all for supporting this effort! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Blessings!

I thank the wonderful and simply OUTSTANDING Team I was so honored to be with in Haiti!!! Incredibly talented Powerful people of God!! Evangel Assembly International Missions Team!!

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A Direct Action Motivational and Missions Based Ministry serving God's people where so ever dispersed!! Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr.

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