The Wondering eye

Does a Wandering Eye Mean a Wandering Love, a wondering Heart? What does God say?

Family Friends, blessings, I hope this helps someone.

Ok, lets see, we all know men are visual creatures, right, right? We can’t help but admire, adore, appreciate, and applaud the beauty of the female form, true? But is it okay to admire others when we’re in the presence of The One? What do you think about ogling other women in the presence of their wives or girlfriends. Well, I believe to ogle at anyone while in the presence of your other half is truly MAGGOT BEHAVIOR and should NOT be Tolerated!

55 percent say that if the opening’s there, they’ll take it
30 percent say they’ll do it only in extreme cases, or if wearing sunglasses….we’ve seen this…
22 percent say they’d never do it, because they’d like to keep their working parts working and properly attached!! Well…enough said on that….

Ok, ok…Now, before the ladies get all up amped over the wandering eyes, think for a moment. You enjoy eye candy too, man candy, if you will, right?

Fact is, men look and women look. Biology , evolution, heredity has programmed us to browse for appropriate, strong mates, and our eyeballs are one of the tools all of us use to shop lift with…shop with:)

But seriously, it’s time for a reality check!

Just because you look through the dealership window doesn’t mean you’re going for a test drive. The majority of men and women can separate a momentary visual fantasy from reality.

Speaking for the male part of our subject, I can say that many men mean no disrespect to the women they’re with if they glance at another woman. I certainly know lots of men who appreciate the female body as one of the world’s most luscious visions. They feel the same way about the Grand Canyon – but they aren’t going to move there.

Now of course, there’s also no denying that for some men DO, cat call, aggressively stare, gawk, ogle etc, THIS IS just the first step toward active engagement!!!!! Check this behavior! Request it not done in your presence! Rethink your status and relationship with this person as they have maggot tendencies!! Now, what factors divide the man who occasionally peeps from the one who’s going to launch the torpedoes the moment he gets a radar lock on knee-high boots? A couple things to keep in mind:

Better an honest look than a sneak peek.
Many guys won’t admit they look because they know if they ‘fess up, it will come off as disrespectful. On the flip side, the guy who says, “Yeah, she was something, eh?” may suffer a temporary ruffle of displeasure from his mate. But when she calms down, she might view her guy as honest, at least, and therefore harmless: After all, he’s not trying to hide anything. The one to worry about might actually be the guy who denies his baser impulses. If he’s hiding something, there may be cause to worry.

Ok, now…in most cases, History predicts the future.
Knowing how he met his previous girlfriends can be a tip-off to how he operates. If he met them in a bar, or another type of visual-first setting, it simply says that he may act on his attraction. But if a guy met his girlfriends through the office, friends, or volunteer work, that may be a good sign. That kind of guy requires meaningful interaction before he makes his move, so he might be less likely to act on visually driven impulses.
The woman he wants isn’t necessarily the one he’s looking at.
There’s a big difference between an idle glance and an intention to bring someone into your personal world. If a guy is going to stray, it’s unlikely he’s going to try to approach a stranger on a beach or the woman walking across the sidewalk. The more worrisome ones are the ones he can track down: The woman from spinning class, the hot bartender, Lia from accounting on the fifth floor.

Family, Friends, Of course, when it comes right down to it, there’s no way to say absolutely who will let their eyes steer their hearts, but I do know this: Many guys feel that as long as they’re not outwardly being disrespectful with long ogles or stares, then it’s okay to engage in some art appreciation (within reason, of course). And a woman who tries to squelch that right with paranoid accusations might actually provoke her man to follow up one of those glances with action…..I’m sure this is up to healthy debate!:)

Sometimes, men and women are guilty of “letting themselves go” once they’re married because they feel like they don’t have to try to look good or be attentive anymore. This is a huge mistake by both sexes. People have to remember what got them together in the first place. That’s why They ogle……NO EXCUSE!!!!!

The believe everyone looks at an attractive person, male or female. It is natural. They believe the deciding factor when looking crosses the line to oogling is the time spent looking. A glance is about 2 – 3 seconds and then your attention is turned back to your partner or whatever you were engaged in. Looking for 5 seconds or more begins to appear as “lust” to your partner……hmmmmmm close, close… but still wrong…NO EXCUSE!!!

Here is my spin on this wondering eye….it’s always nice to behold beauty, but when in the presence of your loved on, or ANYTIME! It’s a SIN to Gawk, olgle and stare in lust especially when your in a commuted relationship! If your stare drops below the neck, your headed down the wrong path!

Romans 6:23 – Jesus said, ” but I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has ALREADY committed Adultery with her in his heart”

When we entertain fantasies through the wondering eye, we sin in our minds. Family, Friends…according to Jesus, Thats the same as committing the act!

That wondering eye could be your fast track to Hell! Be aware of it, be real with each other, it’s lust….it’s effects are SO destructive! It effects your ability to love God, because lust is a worldly desire, not a holy one! Don’t be tempted and drawn away from the lord by your vices and desires!

The greatest of men where not brought down by there enemies, but by there vice and desires! I’m sure it started with…..A Wondering eye!

Be encouraged in God and thankful for what you have, seek renewed, respect, love and excitement in your relationships 🙂

******A PRAYER to use:*******
My lord, father…I confess that I have listed in these specific ways …..(name them all). I see my attitude as sinful. Father, I am sorry for grieving your heart in my pursuit of carnal pleasure with my eyes and mind! I ask your forgiveness through the blood if Jesus Christ! Thank you father! Please teach me, guide me, strengthen me and draw me close to you for I know the road is difficult ahead! Cast off all sin and lust from my body ad I earnestly try, to cleans my heart, my soul and my wandering eyes! Thank you lord! For this forgiveness I have in Jesus Christ! Praise him, praise him!


F&F, the journey away from lust, the wandering eye and sin is to go towards God. Here are a few steps that work for me.

1. Confess, repent, surrender and renounce your sin/lust to God!

2. Make no provision to fullfill lust! Romans 13:14

3. Walk in the spirit!! Galatians 5:16

4. Put lust to death by the power of the Holy Spirit! Rom 8:13

5 Reckon yourself to Jesus! Alive to God and dead to Sin! Gal 5:24, Col 3:5, Rom 6

6. Flee youthful desires and lust and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace! 2 Tim 2:22

7. Deny lust and live righteously! Titus 2:11-13

8. Invest your time, energy and efforts in Gods will, not lust! 1 Peter 4:1-2

9. Apply the Truth to lies! John 8:31-32, psalm 51:6


10. Submit to God, resist the devil, draw near to God! James 4:7-10

As we are all under construction, ease keep me in your prayers!:)

Family Friends, blessings, I hope this helps someone.

God Bless! Gp2:) Hit it!


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