Friends, Family, lets us first pray…..

Lord, WE come humbly before you today father, use us to your glory today! Allow these words to ease the pain and place proper understanding in the minds and hearts of our loved ones who may be in a time of sorrow and in need of comfort, understanding and consolation… God, father, Jesus Christ we ask that you help everyone, All souls who are in that suicidal mind set or who has committed suicide. Guide them so they may receive the help that they need and peace and rest which this world can neither give, nor take away.
Protect them, Prevent them from dying by suicide or hold close their souls once they arrive.
We need them. We love them, Let them feel our love, and your love, Lord Jesus, Lord GOD, we ask that you comfort the suicide survivors, Remind them that they are very special people. Remind them that they are heroes, Fill their minds with beautiful memories of their suicide angels, Provide them with everything that they need Lord, Ease their pain, Give them hope. Give them comfort, Give them guidance, Help them heal And help them in every way possible. Let them feel our love, and your love, Lord Jesus, And let their suicide angels carry them on their wings when they are weary, Lord, we pray for the suicide angels, They are with you now, Lord, in Paradise. These angels are among the highest angels in Heaven. Their wings are magnificent and their beauty is beyond imagination. Their love shines bright.
Embrace them, Lord Jesus, with your love And let their love continue to shine down upon us.

Now, Here we go! Steady…… ok.

I believe….(I) Believe….When God is removed from the equation of life, the sum total of the calculation of man’s existence is less than vanity. That’s why carnal man’s basic questions are ALWAYS so predictable. They are as below:

∙ From where did the whole of the universe come?
∙ From where did life as we know it come?
∙ Who am I????
∙ Why am I here????
∙ Do I have a purpose in life/Here?
∙ Where am I going?
∙ How will the earth and universe end…ascension, Astroid, Salvation?

Of course, God’s word declares the answers to these rather simple questions, but because God has been removed from the equation, there isn’t an answer no matter how eloquent the opposition may wax. God is the answer to ALL of life’s problems….here me, ALL!!.

ok, ok…What GOD SAID concerning suicide, this is simple….. “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 20:13).

WHAT MAN SAID, “The Bible’s moral dictums have no credible weight, therefore its position on suicide is of no relevance.”

Now FOR THE RECORD. Many messages have crossed inbox concerning the issue of suicide. Lets define this!!. According to Noah Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language, suicide is: “Self-murder; the act of designedly destroying one’s own life. To constitute suicide, the person must be of years of discretion and of a sound mind.” [End of quote]


Suicide is a global epidemic of death. In America alone, nearly 31,000 people in 2002 ended their own lives. To put this in perspective, the entire Vietnam War death toll of U.S. troops was nearly 57,000. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2002 264,000 Americans were treated in our emergency rooms for non-fatal self-inflicted, injuries with 60% of them probable suicide attempts. Non-reported incidences would presumably drive that number up substantially. The World Health Organization asserts that suicide attempts are up to 20 times more frequent than actual suicides. When you do the math, America logs in with as many as 700,000 suicide attempts per year. That number is mind-boggling and may be low….thats represents the attempts that are reported!!!. Suicide is the number three cause of death among 15- to 24-year-olds!!!. This must STOP!!!!

Friends…Suicide fits perfectly with Satan’s mode of operation which is to steal, kill, and destroy!! (John 10:10). Be assured of this fact: the epidemic of self-inflicted death is because God has been removed from the equation. The word of God has been disrespected, rejected, ridiculed, revised, and replaced in the media, entertainment, churches, public property, universities, and schools, etc., etc. Much of what has replaced God is one of Satan’s champions: secular humanism. The basic doctrine of humanism is that there is no God; all things, from the origin of the universe to the origin of life, can be explained absent of God; and man is self-perfecting. Humanism as well as any position contrary to the word of God will be tolerated by all men who possess the common Satanic denominator: rebellion against the God of truth.

Ok, here we go…The suicide pandemic will only be solved when Jesus Christ, God’s saviour for all who call upon his name, (G_D) is put back into the center of the equation. Jesus Christ is the creator of the universe. Colossians 1:16-17:

16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:
17 And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.

Jesus Christ is the center of the universe. All things must revolve around him. Man’s every deed whether good or evil, and man’s every thought whether good or evil, revolve around Jesus. Deeds and thoughts are either pro-Christ or anti-Christ. Jesus Christ is the source of all life and when he is rejected the result can only be death. When Jesus is not the center of an individual’s life, that individual will self-destruct. It will be either suicide long or suicide short, but suicide nevertheless. The word of God teaches that all who reject Jesus Christ perform the act of suicide or self-murder. Sound silly, weird, ludicrous? Well, Consider this short list of unregenerated man’s proclivities:

∙ He’ll drink himself to death
∙ Dope himself to death
∙ Smoke himself to death
∙ Destroy his life with pornography
∙ Embrace the homosexual lifestyle, in which the average male dies at age 41
∙ Destroy his family via adultery
∙ Commit incest
∙ Commit bestiality
∙ Kill and die through drunken driving
∙ Steal
∙ Rape
∙ Murder
∙ Entertain hatred and violence
∙ Be bitter toward others
∙ Engage in pedophilia
∙ Contract venereal diseases and AIDS
∙ Lust and covet, etc.

But the foundation of all self-destructive acts, which is the root of things mentioned above, is the refusal to believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ, repent of one’s sins, and obey the scriptures. Those who reject him go from death unto death and commit eternal suicide, which is fully cognizant death and torment in the lake of fire – punishment which never ends. Carnal man self-destructs. It is truly self-murder or suicide.

Your life is not your own. Life is a God-given gift and to destroy your own or another’s is an act of murder. Remember, suicide’s definition is “self-murder.”

Those with a loved one who has committed suicide have haunting, unanswered questions. They must leave the judgment to God. We don’t know what an individual who took his or her life did in their last seconds of time. Whether they turned to Christ or not, we don’t know. But be assured of two things: God can forgive even murder and the judge of the whole earth will do right.

Suicide, for most, is an act of hopelessness, an act of one who is unable or unwilling to face circumstances or shoulder responsibility, etc. When key elements of this person’s existence collapse, many of these individuals consider suicide. These key elements can include:
∙ Their boyfriend or girlfriend leaving them for another
∙ Their husband or wife leaving them for another
∙ They lose their job
∙ They have uncertainties in the future
∙ The futility of life without Christ sets in
∙ They lose their wealth
∙ They lose a spouse through death, etc.

More people than you know consider suicide.

The perfection of God’s solution to suicide is just another infallible proof that God is. His solution to suicide has to be something bigger than this ever-collapsing life and it must be something that never fails. His solution is the new birth and the Kingdom of God, which dwells in the heart of all his children. The new birth and Kingdom of God can only be entered into through the blood of Jesus Christ. This begins the journey to eternal life. Through our Lord Jesus we are born again, all of our sins are forgiven and forgotten ALL SINS!!!! Here me again….ALL ALL ALL Sins!!!, and we enter into the ranks of righteousness. Here we are called to be “hardened soldiers,”! warring against sin and Satan!!. Here we are called to keep ourselves unspotted from this world and instructed to kick down the strongholds of Satan and set captive souls free. Here we are redeemed from purposelessness and worthlessness and are converted to the most valuable commodity in the universe. In the camp of righteousness, this world on Earth is no longer our home; instead we are called pilgrims who are just passing through, and we are looking for a city whose builder and maker is God (Hebrews 11:10). The suicide problem is always solved when Jesus Christ is put back into the center of the equation. PUT GOD BACK IN EARLY!!!!!! Truly there is (hallelujah my God my God!!!) hope for the hopeless. Choose Christ and live, Stand Fast, Be strong in pain, rejoice and stand TALL AGAINST THE RAIN!!!! and find entrance into the Kingdom of God SEEK HIS FACE, Love your brother, hold your friends close, love them, comfort and give hope and teach the dove with love…… This is not an invitation to “Holy Rolling,” but entrance to “life and life more adored.”

GOD SAID concerning suicide, “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 20:13).

MAN SAID, “The Bible’s moral dictums have no credible weight, therefore its position on suicide is of no relevance.”

If a man is saved and believes, but in a moment of weakness…commits suicide….will he go to heaven for being out of his right mind for that moment of despair, whatever the despair EXCEPT Blasphemy against the holy spirit…. Will he go to Heaven…….Yes.:)

Now you have IT FOR THE RECORD From my perspective….

S.:.K.:. †Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr. 32˚

Please excuse any spelling and grammar errors as a lot of research, heart and love went into this 🙂

Be blessed with Love! Inspiration to live, empowerment to give and the willingness to teach other to do the same, especially once you understand the plan, purpose and power for game..

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