NO ABUSE!! Start again, No abuse in 2010!!

Regardless of how much you love your man/lady and believe in who they are, there is NEVER, hear me, NEVER an appropriate time for abuse, whether physical, emotional, or verbal. If your significant other shows aggression or any form of abuse toward you, seek HELP!!! And counseling for both of you immediately!!! Regardless who’s at so called FAULT!…,,do it NOW! to try to work through things. I understand love….but, listen…,Love makes you feel beautiful, good, confident, happy etc.., true love don’t HURT!!! If your mate refuses to go seek/get help, even if it is hard and refuses to seek GOD and infuse his love, trust and DNA in the situation…, leave…..LEAVE!!! First is your safety, your children’s safety (if you have them) Break the cycle…Second, trust, it is possible for people to learn ways in which to manage their aggressions and work through these issues…but it takes two. If this is the case, and help is obtained, the life of the relationship has a much better chance of surviving and coming in compliance with Gods word.! I am Pro marriage, just no Pro abuse!!

Leave to Live, Live to Love, love to love!!!

Ecclesiastes 9:9- Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love!

Ephesians 5:21-23 – Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ!

Love each other…..

For prayer requests and support, hit me up!

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