10 tips to Win through this recession: Keep me in your prayer!

GP’s 10 tips to Win through the recession: Keep me in your prayers!

Ok friends, lets focus…1st, Prayer above all!!!..Now..you can be an optimist, Or you can be a pessimist. Optimism produces health, healing, energy and power. Pessimism produces just the opposite. Question: But how can we have continued optimism in 2009(recession,mortgages,finance, love, health etc)..Well, change is already in place(Obama;-) ) and..I believe by remembering and practicing the following:

1. Optimism is by choice – not an inheritance. Tell yourself: I have the freedom to look at any negative situation and take either a negative or a positive attitude…

2. I am a human being. That means I can learn. I can establish a plan. I can set goals. And if I set a goal, I will achieve at least part of it – if not all of it.

3. Change is inevitable. If I’m unemployed right now, I can still be grateful and optimistic – because things will not be the same a year from now. Tough times never last, but tough people do!!! Hit it!!

4. I will look at what I have left – not at what I have lost. I will regroup the assets I have to create a smaller, but more solid emotional and financial base. Learn to count differently!! Count what you have,not what you’ve lost and you may find that your in a MUCH better place;-)

5. We all have positive memories stored within us that we’ve forgotten. Recall them – especially your past successes and times you overcame pressing problems. Tap into them. Learn from them. They will bring power into your life. Look at your wall of accomplishments and rejoice in it!

6. Calm down. Relax. Think. My advice to friends over the years has been: Never make an irreversible decision at a low point in your life…

In both the Army and Navy, I trained young people to become Survivalists and taught them: “If something terrible happens, what do you do? Nothing! STOP: Just think!” Quick decisions are impulsive and reactionary. Many times,They will only accelerate the problem. See the STOP method below.

7. Practice reacting positively. Believe that every scar can be turned into a star! Positive thoughts produce positive results. Negative thoughts always produce negative results. Think back, you know what im talking about!

8. Believe that anything is possible! You can improve your future if you set clear goals. Devote more time to achieving those goals. Work harder than you’ve worked before. Work hardest for YOURSELF!!!

9. Start small. Think tall. Look over the wall! Don’t try to achieve your goals overnight. Take small steps at first but never lose sight of the end result you want. You can shape your future!! – eventually, the outcome will be terrific.

10. Make an irreversible, irrevocable and irretrievable commitment to keep a “PMA” toward setbacks, problems, failures, and losses. What’s a “PMA?” its a “Positive Mental Attitude!”

Expect difficulties, problems and low times. But, tilt your mental attitude toward the positive! … Remember, you can have that winning optimistic attitude, but, It’s your choice!

A little something I picked up from SERE..it will help you deal with panic, lets look at a simple method of handling an emergency situation. Remember the acronym S.T.O.P. Sit -Think – Observe – Plan. It truly applies in many ways to our every day lives.

SIT: When you realize that you are lost take the time to sit down and collect your thoughts. You are not lost, you are right where you are, your camp, vehicle and everyone else is lost.

THINK: What do I have at my disposal both physical and mental that can help me in this situation. Take an inventory of your survival kit items and how you will use them. Take an inventory of your mind, remember what you always thought you would do if you got lost. Most of all remain positive, you will survive.

OBSERVE: Look around, is there shelter, water, high ground, an open area so the searchers can see you. It will be easier for those searching to find you if you can stay in one selected location that will allow you to build a fire, provide shelter, set out signals and be in an area that can be seen at a distance or from aircraft.

PLAN: Now create your plan of action. Be positive and take care of yourself. If it is late in the day, build a fire for heat and signaling, find or make a shelter against the weather, and most of all remain positive, you do have the ability to survive. You have conquered the major danger of not allowing panic to cast your fate, you can now conquer anything else that confronts you.

Above all remember: The basement of life is crowded with pessimists , but there is always room at the top for optimists! you may not understand the reason, but always prepare for the season! Hit it!
Hope this helps someone. The Ol’ boy GP.

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